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Address: ul. Proszowska 1,
32-700 Bochnia

Phone. +48 14 6113035,
+48 14 6113872

Fax. +48 14 6113871


The Moda Styl general partnership Bochnia is a men’s suits sewing factory.

The Moda Styl company offers various sales schemes: wholesaling items for showrooms, shopping malls as well as for wholesalers or bespoke tailoring of short series and for individual clients.

The Moda Styl items feature newest technologies, various color and texture fabrics and quality trimmings combined with current fashion trends.


OUR SERVICES FOR COMPANIES AND ESTABLISHMENTS: remake - series production, fixed commissions

2.production in accordance to a placed order – in cooperation with client’s design and requirements, sample making following client’s sketch, production of entire sample line, short lines or collections

3. complete management of model and pattern making

4. smart clothes and formal attire manufacturing



Our company conducts retail sale, as well. To meet our clients’ requirements, there’s a section where product can be custom-made and personalized as per client’s needs. One can decide on the model, fabric, lining, buttons and trimming details (additional bordering). We make high quality products, featuring a refined cut and impeccable fitting for various figures - physically disabled people and those of untypical figure, as well.

The foregoing offer also applies to bridegrooms who seek a suit or a special garment on the occasion of one’s wedding .

Acting with our main objective, we offer our customers smart and comfortable suits. Following the latest fashion trends, we provide sale of up-to-date collections alongside with classical wear.

Our production offer includes:

  1. Suit.

  2. Jacket.

  3. Trousers.

  4. Wedding attire.

  5. Smart business and classical men’s suits.